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Reshape your body and enhance your self-image

Do you have an excessive amount of flab or excess skin in your abdomen? 

Reshape your body and enhance your

Do you have an excessive amount of flab or excess skin in your abdomen? 

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What is Liposuction

Achieve desired and slim structure of your body

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat that you can’t able to ride through diet and exercise.

It is performed on hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back, arms, or face to improve their shape. But it can also be done with other plastic surgeries, including facelifts, breast reduction, and tummy tuck.


Simply put “lipo” means fat and “suction” means taking out, hence the meaning of word liposuction is self-explanatory. It is a procedure where different methods are used to suck unwanted fat from the body of the person. The ideal candidate for this procedure is the one who has 30% more weight than the ideal, with elastic skin and good muscle tone. Every individual wish to have a slim, trim, and fit body, so it can be done by liposuction surgery. Cutis has gradually evolved as a synonym to liposuction and we are proud of it. Abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, neckline, thighs, arms, and under the chin area technically known as ‘submental’, are some of the commonest areas that are sculpted and corrected through cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction surgery does not necessarily need to have any aesthetic connection. A few medical conditions like lipomas also known as benign fatty tumors, gynecomastia (development of fatty breast tissues in men), lipodystrophy syndrome (abnormal distribution of fat) are also cured with this procedure. Our liposuction clinic in Ahmedabad imparts the benefits in an amazingly effective way. Cutis has evolved as the best Liposuction surgery hospital in Ahmedabad. This has been possible due to its honest and sincere approach.

Liposuction is an absolutely safe procedure without any long-term complications. “But how is the procedure conducted” is a question that keeps bothering the people. It’s basically a simple procedure where the surgeon chooses the type of anesthesia (general or local) depending upon the situation. Once the anesthesia is administered, the procedure becomes painless/ bearable for the patient. We at Cutis have made Liposuction in Ahmedabad a friendlier process as we follow technologically advanced and safe protocols. After administering anesthesia, tiny incisions are made around the area being targeted. A metallic tube known as a cannula is inserted through these tiny incisions and fat is sucked out. Our experts guide the patients about post-care procedures so that the results of the surgery are optimal. You are discharged only after ensuring there is no complication.

The cosmetic surgery can be a day`s procedure depending on the volume of the surgery to be performed. If the lower part of your body is involved, you might be given epidural anesthesia.

A support system comprising elasticated corset or bandages are provided just after the surgery to take care of bruises and swelling. It is advisable to wear it till the things are normal. Antibiotics and mild painkillers are also known as analgesics are prescribed to get rid of the procedural pain and swelling. Our liposuction surgery clinic is known for the latest technologies and procedures. Special instructions are summoned to the patients so that healing starts in no time.

  • Numbness, bruising, and swelling in the initial stages.
  • As the swelling lessens, surfacing starts to take place. Our clinic administers effective remedies for a speedy recovery.
  • A period of approximately three months has to be considered for the things to settle down completely. Subtle and noticeable changes in the surface during this period.
  • Hold on to the positive results by maintaining your weight in a healthy way.

Our Procedures

Long-lasting results

The outcome of liposuction is long-lasting. Here, the patient’s body maintains a firm and smooth look with no room for fat tissue.

Enhances physical appearance

Patients get to enjoy a better look overall by shedding unwanted body fat from the different regions.

Boosts confidence

Is an oversize body killing your moral? It’s time to change this narrative by undergoing liposuction and improve your self-confidence.


Less invasive treatment options

Liposuction is a less invasive surgical procedure option also patients are guaranteed to have a safe fat removal treatment.


Our Doctors

Tummy-tuck surgery will flatten your abdomen by eliminating excess fat and skin from your abdomen. It also tightens the muscles of your abdominal wall. If you have a hernia then it will be the best option for you. It also removes stretch marks from your lower abdomen.

It is an approved and effective way for pregnancy, extensive weight loss or a flabby abdomen with weak muscles impairs body contour. Most of the patients report improved self-esteem as a result of this procedure.Most of the patients report improved self-esteem as a result of this procedure.

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When liposuction is done through the local anesthesia patients can usually depart from the surgical facility within 30 minutes of the completion of surgery. When general anesthesia is employed then patients usually require 1-3 hours of post anesthesia observation before being discharged home. Most patients can return to a desk type job with two days after the surgery.

A good candidate for liposuction surgery is definitely any person who has realistic expectation, is in good health and is likely to be happy with the results of liposuction. Although liposuction can often provide very substantial improvements, it is rare for liposuction to be absolutely perfect.

As judged by current world wide experience, liposuction is amazingly safe. Rare problems that can potentially occur with any surgical procedure include infections, bleeding, skin ulceration, and nerve injury.

  • The most frequently areas for women are the abdomen, breasts, hips, outer thighs, anterior, inner things, knees, arms, buttocks, cheeks and neck. In men which these areas are abdomen, neck, flanks and breasts.

The cost of liposuction surgery is usually depends on how many areas are treated by liposuction. When only one area is treated by liposuction the fee is comparatively less than the multiple areas are treated.

Liposuction is a surgical process of removing excess fat restored between the skin and muscle.

What Patients Say About Us

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