Dr. Ritesh Patel

Dr. Ritesh Patel - Best Plastic Surgeon In Ahmedabad (INDIA)

Dr. Ritesh Patel

Elegance Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

Elegance skin and cosmetic clinic, a super-specialist venture by Dr.Ritesh Patel and Dr. Shruti Patel, their aim is to build a comprehensive and aesthetic clinic with absolute data technology and personalized & desire care.

Elegance skin and cosmetic clinics offer various ranges of dermatological, reconstructive and aesthetic services. The doctor and staff are dedicatedly looking forward to improving medical and surgical procedures quality.  They continuously stepping towards to sketch new standards of innovation and they always stand for their patients to give satisfying results.

Dr. Ritesh Patel
M.B.B.S., M.S., M.Ch., Consultant Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon
  • +91 99099 91577
  • info@elegance-clinic.com

Dr. Ritesh Patel is one of the best plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad (INDIA) devoted to furthering the field of plastic surgery. His techniques represent the state of the art in plastic surgery. If you are looking for best plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad (INDIA) you can fix an appointment at elegance clinic and consult to our experts for skin related problems.

His practice is fully devoted to plastic surgery. He is known for his analytical approach, technical excellence.His goal is to provide better health care facilities to create natural appearing final results. He has performed minimally invasive State-of-the-Art plastic surgery which can maximize results with minimal recovery time. He provides best healthcare solution to patients whose livelihood depends on their face.

Being the best plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad (INDIA) Dr. Ritesh Patel and his staff understand that facial plastic surgery is a highly personal decision and work to make sure that patients feel comfortable in understanding and realizing their vision.

He is one of the best  Plastic Surgeon in Ahmedabad  (INDIA)   practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery in famous hospitals of Ahmedabad since 10 years. Doctor did his M.B.B.S., M.S., M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery) all from NHL Medical College of V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad. He is a fellow of cosmetic surgery from Allure Cosmetic Center, Mumbai. 

He has attended many national & international conferences and CMES for advancing the knowledge in the field of plastic & cosmetic surgery. He has also delivered many academic & public awareness lecture in local & regional medical fora.

  • He has also vast experience of Surgical Branch since 2005.
  • He is the member of:
    1. Association of plastic surgeon of India
    2. Indian association of aesthetic plastic surgeon
    3. Association of surgeon of india
    4. Gujarat plastic surgeon association.

What they say

Darshan Shah Patient

I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great job you have done for me. My results of Hair Transplant have been fantastic, and I was getting into when I first signed up, but now I am so happy I went through with it. I look normal, I don’t have to worry about eyebrow pencil and… I can go swimming without worry. All of the insecurities I felt before are gone and I no longer have to put my head down to try and hide my face. I cannot express words of gratitude and will be ever obliged of you. Thank you Dr.Ritesh Patel sir

Brijesh Vaja Patient

I had a great experience, I visited at Elegance clinic to have tattoo removal and the ink of my tattoo have completely vanished and dr.shurti and Dr.rite both answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I love the cold air they blow to help not feel the pinches! I did have a bit of a wait but it was totally worth it. I love my results.

Rathod Ramdevbhai Patient

I love the Elegance clinic. Dr. Shruti Patel and Dr. Ritesh Patel helped me and saved me for my wedding day. My skin had become very dull and dry and had a lot of acne and scars after returning from the US and 2 months were left for the wedding, it seemed too less to fix it. But their treatments acted like a blessing in disguise. I got glowing flawless skin. Also, the rid me off from skin got lots of allergic acne outbreak. Their medicine made them all vanish overnight and gave me glowing skin. I would definitely recommend the Elegance clinic.

Yash Tilokani Patient

Wonderful experience with Elegance skin and cosmetic clinic. Dr.ritesh patel & Dr.shruti patel was a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Elegance skin and cosmetic clinic and would highly recommend to anyone.

Rajan Parmar Patient

My personal experience was very good at this clinic , the DR Shruti Patel is very polite and professional in work , the staaf there is also very polite and over all the premises was hygenic , I would really recommend this if someone need an dermatologist