Arm Lift

Arm Lift

An arm lift is also known as Brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove the excess saggy skin and fat and improve the appearance of under and an upper portion of arms.

Arm lift surgery can tighten up the underlying tissues also define and tone the shape of arms. It also reduces isolated fat.

Why it’s done?
  • It removes the sagging and loose skin which occurs due to aging or weight reduction.
  • It tightens and smoothen the tissues and redefines the shape.
  • It removes the excess fat from the arms.
  • It boosts your body image.
Is it right for me?

An arm lift is a good option for if you:

  • You are not overweight
  • Non-smoker
  • Physically healthy
  • Want a positive outlook
  • If you are an adult
  • Have hanging upper arms

Before the surgery surgeon will ask you to share medical history and you should have to give proper details, improper details about your health can increase the risk during surgery.

The Procedure
  • The procedure starts with the anaesthesia. The surgeon will give you a local or general anaesthetic injection before the procedure to your surgical part or if needed might make you unconscious.
  • The types of incision include:
    • Mini Brachioplasty: the surgeon will make a single incision under the armpit in the shape of a crescent, it may get extended to the arms.
    • The surgeon will use this incision technique for those who have less excess skin and less fat on upper arms. This incision will give a smaller amount of scars and scars will hide under the armpits.
    • Standard Brachioplasty: includes two types of incisions:
      • Inner arm incision: it goes through armpits and extended to near the elbow between the biceps and triceps.
      • Back arm incision. It goes through armpits to the tricep region.
    • The surgeon will use this incision technique for those have a huge amount of excess skin and fat. The surgeon will remove excess skin and fat to tighten and reshape the tissues. The scars will hide when arms are held.
    • Extended Brachioplasty: In this, incision continuously extended from the elbow through the armpit to the side of the chest.
    • The surgeon will remove the excess skin and fat or directly excess fat to tighten the tissues. This surgery will give maximum scaring.
    • The surgeon may use the liposuction to remove the excess fat and skin, it will give less scaring.
    • The surgeon will discuss the techniques with you before the surgery on the basis of the change you need.
  • Arm lift incisions will be closed by stitches or surgical tape and it will cover by a bandage, to minimize your swelling. The surgeon will also place the drain tube to drain excess blood or fluid.
  • After the procedure, you will immediately see the change in the appearance of your arms and the results will be long-lasting.
The risks include:
  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetry
  • Infection
  • Abnormal scarring
  • Change in sensation
  • Swelling
What is the arm lift surgery cost?
  • Cost always depends on the experience of the surgeon and procedure. It will vary at different geographical locations. The cost includes the surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia charges, hospital stay and operation theatre charges and also the medicines

"Your satisfaction is more than a fee."