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Tummy Tuck surgery

Tummy Tuck is the procedure used to remove extra fat cells from the abdominal region on the body. If you are looking for the best tummy tuck in ahmedabad elegance skin and cosmetic clinic provides the best skin treatment that improves your body appearance in a perfect way. Tummy tuck surgery is done to achieve a flat and tight tummy. People usually choose this surgery after heavyweight loss or post-pregnancy. If you are facing an ugly or shapeless look want to improve your appearance to make the first impression better. It is the worth choice if a person can not achieve a flat and tight tummy after a lot of exercises or other practices, they can choose tummy tuck procedures to solve their skin-related issues on the abdominal area.

It’s important to choose the best skin procedure that suits your body and also gives amazing looks after surgery. Choose experienced skin specialist who has lots of years of experience in this field and ensure you best results after surgery. You can see an immediate result after surgery but it is important to follow preparation provided by the doctor like wearing a compression garment is a perfect way for a fast and smooth recovery.

Why tummy tuck?

It is the best skin treatment that helps you to get a flat and tight tummy tuck. Most people face skin-related issues on the abdominal area after weight loss or post-pregnancy. This treatment proves to be beneficial if you want a flat and tight tummy. A Tummy tuck is a one-day procedure patient does not have to work into for a long time but it is important to follow some prescription provided by the doctor or precautionary measures for some time. Patients can notice immediate improvement on the appearance of the body after surgery. While the risk of complications after surgery is low if you choose the best plastic surgeon in ahmedabad. We are a team of best surgeons and experienced staff they always help and looking forward to providing the best skin or hair related treatments and also gives possible solutions to patients.

Mini or partial abdominoplasty:
  • Incision is smaller.
  • The surgeon will separate the skin from the abdomen wall to remove excess skin and fat.
  • It tightens the fascia and reveals the muscles.
  • Liposuction may be used to contour the transition zone.
Complete abdominoplasty:
  • The incision is from hipbone to hipbone.
  • It contours the tissues, skin, and muscle.
  • The belly button is not likely to move.
The procedure:
  • Before the procedure starts the surgeon will give you a general anaesthesia to make you unconscious during the procedure.
  • The incision is made below horizontally between below the belly button and just above the pubic area. It made from hip to hip.
  • The surgeon will separate the skin from the abdominal wall to tighten the fascia and reveal the muscles. It will be closed with stitches.
  • The surgeon will cover stitches with a tight elastic bandage to prevent the swelling and the surgeon will place the drain to remove the excess blood and fluids.

You will feel the pain that will be controlled by the medication which is prescribed by the surgeon. You must have followed the instruction for better recovery.

  • After this surgery, you can feel immediate improvement in appearance on the body. It takes a few hours to complete this procedure but it is important to follow some precautionary tips or prescriptions for a fast and smooth recovery. The Doctor will advise you to wear a compression garment for better results also heal your body for better results. You might feel pain but after sometime, you feel better. It is essential to take proper rest for a few weeks for recovery patients can continue their regular work after few weeks. It is better to avoid heavy exercise for better results or easy and smooth recovery. Most of the time patients feel loss of sensation however after sometime patient feel much better or notice improvement on the appearance of the body. If you are looking for the best tummy tuck in ahmedabad you can consult our skin specialists at elegance clinic. They have experienced over a decade as a skin specialist and provide skincare treatments in ahmedabad.
Possible risks of abdominoplasty include:
  • Temporary pain and swelling
  • Numbness
  • Bruising
  • Itchiness hair loss on incision lines.
  • Blood clots
  • Scarring
  • Tissue damage
  • Infection
How much will cost?

Cost always depends on the experience of the surgeon and procedure. It will vary at different geographical locations. The cost includes the surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia charges, hospital stay and operation theatre charges and also the medicine.

"Your satisfaction is more than a fee."