Wart | Mole Removal

Wart | Mole Removal

Warts, moles and skin tag should remove rapidly and painlessly by different types of techniques which includes Electro surgery, Radiofrequency ablation, and co2 laser ablation. Before the procedure by using either topical or local anaesthesia, the procedure is quick and painless for the patient. It will take 3 to 7days to heal or it might depend on the size and depth of the lesion. These techniques always are done with the tedious process of wart paints and creams and are of particular help in preventing warts from spreading further. People refer to moles as beauty or birthmarks.

We practice the mole excision at the ELEGANCE Skin & Cosmetic Clinic, it is done by different techniques like radiofrequency removal, and cosmetic excision with subcuticular suturing which don’t give any scar and shave excision is quick to process. The size, location and estimated depth of the mole decide the choice of the procedure. Suspicious lesions are sent for histopathological opinion.

Moles are black or brown colored skin growth which appears alone or it the groups anywhere on the skin. People refer to moles as beauty or birthmarks.

Mostly, moles appear in childhood to the late twenties. Everyone normally has 10- 40 moles. Moles gradually change their pigment and rises with time or it may not change. Often develops hair on the mole. Moles hardly can give you any pain. It might get an increase due to sun exposure.

Not every mole look-alike, some moles might get disappear over time.

Moles are not harmful. But if you notice the moles which exist with:
  • Spontaneous bleeding
  • Sudden Growth
  • Spontaneous Bleeding
  • Colour Change Especially Around The Borders
  • Sudden Itching

Then it might indicate the symptoms of skin cancer make sure to consult with the dermatologist.

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