Hair fall problems and all possible solutions

Hair is an essential part of an individual’s personality, loosing hair is the biggest nightmare of an individual’s life. More than half of the world is suffering from hair fall problems. There are several reasons for the hair fall problem. 

Causes of hair fall Majorly hair fall causes due to poor lifestyle, improper diet, excessive use of hair products, or genetics. It also causes due to some medical conditions such as pregnancy, thyroid, PCOS, etc. According to hair experts, our lifestyle and poor habits are the main culprits of hair fall. Weak roots are another cause of hair fall. The lifestyle habits that come ups with hair fall include: 

Hair color treatments
Using harsh chemicals on the hair
Tight hairstyles
Unhealthy diet
Deficiency of iron
Genetic patterned hair fall 
Over hair styling

This condition can be curable but first, you have to know which treatment is best for your scalp.

1. Oil massage is necessary  
Massaging your scalp with oil is necessary because it promotes blood circulation into the scalp which helps to boost the hair growth process. Good oil massage will make your hair soft and shiny and gives proper nourishment to the hair.

2. Wash your hair regularly   
It is necessary to keep your scalp and hair clean for healthy hair. Washing your hair very often lower down the risk of infections and dandruff which prevents the hair fall. You can choose a high-quality and mild shampoo which contains amino acid and vitamins to promote a healthy scalp.

3. Take a healthy diet
A healthy diet is the strongest key to make your hair healthy and beautiful. According to hair experts, it is necessary to consume enough amounts of proteins, vitamins, zinc, healthy fats, and minerals for strong and healthy hair. Therefore, you have to include green leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs, salmon, juices, mushrooms, etc into your diet. 

4. Protect your hair from heating  
Keep your hair away from hair styling tools like dryers, curling irons, or flat irons as much as possible. There are many products available in the market with a protective coating of silicone, and they claim to protect your hair against damage but it actually won’t. When we talk about damage, irons and dryers are worse than any other things. Once your hair gets damaged then hair fall is out of your control.

Work quickly to protect your hair while styling. You have to remember one thing that while curling or straightening your hair, you should not do it for more than five or six seconds. You should air-dry your hair instead of using a dryer, using a hairdryer will make your hair rough due to which hair fall will increase.

5. Avoid products with harsh chemical
Everyone uses different hair products to compliment their hair growth but the hair products you often use are filled with a toxic chemical that compliments your hair growth for the short term but in the long run, the ingredients can be extremely harmful and cause more hair to fall than before. 

When it is for hair simpler is always better. Various products in the market have less toxic chemicals so if you want, then switch your product with them. 

6. Drink enough water
We all know that water is an integral part of our life which provides energy to the cell of the body. Water is responsible for health and thick hair. You should have to drink at least 7-9 glasses of water to prevent hair fall.    

If you are suffering from extreme hair fall then consult an expert dermatologist. With their advice take Multivitamins, topical applications, PRP treatment, etc…

If you are suffering from Hereditary baldness then Hair transplant is an effective and permanent solution for both female and male pattern baldness. 

You can find experienced surgeons at the Elegance Skin and Cosmetic Clinic in Ahmedabad, who provides an effective solution for your hair fall problems.

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