What is rhinoplasty surgery, and what is the risk?

Rhinoplasty is known as “Nose Reshaping Surgery” or “Nose job”. As the name implies, Rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance of the nose and breathing problems, also enhance facial harmony. This surgery is the best option for those who are unhappy with shape and size their nose. Rhinoplasty helps to change the shape of the nose by reducing or augment the cartilage. The surgeon commonly takes cartilages from deep inside your nose. The surgeon occasionally can take cartilages from ears and rarely from the section of the ribs. The surgeon will also straighten the bent or deviated septum which is the wall of tissue between the nasals. It helps to improve your breathing.  

Mostly the surgery gives you satisfactory results. There is no risk in this surgery. There is a minor risk with Rhinoplasty for the starting week only. You might notice swelling and brushing under the eyes, which get improved within a week and gives you an excellent result. Elegance Skin & Cosmetic Clinic Helps you to get the too best result.

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