An Overall Guide To Gynecomastia Surgery (Definition, Do’s, Don’ts, etc.)

The enlargement of the granular tissue, due to abnormalities/imbalances sometimes make men develop female-like breasts. This condition of men developing “boobs-like structure” is referred to as gynecomastia. To get rid of these biological abnormalities, a man can either exercise or undergo gynecomastia surgery.

Note: Exercise may take a long way to procure the outcomes and sometimes it may fail, but undergoing surgery will procure accurate and sudden results along with better compatibility.

While opting for the surgery many concerns would have been distracting your mind! Like “Is it safe?”, “Are there any side effects?”, “Will it be a long-term health benefit?”, and much more. Well, there’s good news for you! Dr. Ritesh Patel is one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in Ahmedabad who has solutions for all of your concerns.

Types Of Gynecomastia

  • Grade 1: Small enlargements, in this condition the skin is minus the excess over the chest
  • Grade 2: Moderate enlargements, excess skin over the chest
  • Grade 3: Moderate enlargements, more excess skin over the chest
  • Grade 4: Marked enlargement with the utmost excess skin over the chest (as of females)

Dr. Ritesh Patel who is an experienced plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad shares the way to getting rid of gynecomastia permanently. He says, “Non-surgical treatments like ayurvedic medicines, gym, medicinal pills, and dieting can assist to the various extent in some cases of gynecomastia whereas other cases can only be treated by undergoing a successful surgery”.

He further adds that prepubertal or pubertal gynecomastia in men don’t require any treatment as they disappear once the abnormal hormones turn to normal. Nevertheless, for discernible and significant gynecomastia, surgery is the sole option!

Gynecomastia surgical treatment encompasses liposuction and gland incision which leads to the successful removal of gynecomastia. This an advanced form of surgery that can only be done by a plastic surgeon specialized in gynecomastia. And fortunately, you are on the site of the best plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad. Dr. Ritesh Patel further shares “Do’s & Don’ts” one must look over before opting for this surgery.


As male breast reduction is a surgical process, therefore to ensure that the procedure is carried out appropriately with the aspect to avoid any kind of side effects and uncertainties. One must follow the dos below:

  1. Medications: If you are suffering from any other diseases either you take some pills regularly then do share them with your surgeon a week or two before the surgery day.
  2. Lab reports: Be ready with the reports including mammograms, EKGs, and acquire other medical clearances to give go-ahead for the surgery.
  3. Sickness: If you aren’t feeling well or you are sick or undergo any kind of infection due to weather changes then do notify the doctor before the surgery.
  4. Follow: Do-follow the instructions prescription by the surgeon to you for better comfort throughout the surgery.


Do take care of the below-mentioned points to maintain the consistency of your surgery.

  1. Avoid addiction: If you are addicted to alcohol, smoking, or drugs then you are strictly informed to stop em’ all. As it will weaken the effect of surgery!
  2. Avoid scents: The deodorants, soap, and sprays you use involve many chemicals in them, and they would react if you don’t take care of them.
  3. Stop intake of food and drink: Do not consume anything before the surgery as it can cause sedation which may lead to unusual risks during the surgery.

Following these “Do’s & Don’ts” will help you and the doctor to acquire better outcomes. To undergo successful gynecomastia surgery in Ahmedabad, get in touch with us now!

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