Dermatologist Guidance to Get Flawless Skin in summer.

Summers are here and can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that we get really nutritious & delicious fruits in summer that do wonders to our skin. There are so many things that are appreciable about summers like vacations, long days, and what not but what is not appreciable is the dullness of skin and many other skin issues.

How does hot weather affect our skin?

As we know, summer brings hot weather and during this weather, our skin starts producing excess sebum(natural oil). Excess oil on the skin surface leaves our skin sticky, and greasy as a result, of clogged pores.

As it’s summer how one can forget about the sun and its harmful UV rays that lead to sun damage? During summers melanin production increases as it has a photoprotective quality that protects our skin from sun damage. Darker and tanned skin is the result of excess melanin. 

Other skin problems that we face in summers are excess sweating, itchiness, swelling, sunburn, rashes, and skin dullness. 

Dermatologist’s guidance to get flawless skin in summers

Good skincare regimen: To minimize sun damage and prevent breakouts during the months of summer, a good skincare regimen is essential.  If you have a good skin care regimen then it can do wonders for your skin.

As dermatologists suggest, No matter what your skin type is, for flawless skin your regimen should have three simple steps: cleansing, treating, and moisturizing. Additionally, if it’s daytime then you shouldn’t forget about sunscreen, especially in summers. You have to follow the skin care regimen twice a day.

Cleansing: According to dermatologist guidance facial cleansing is essential. The first step of the skincare routine starts with facial cleansing as it clears out all the impurities and excess oil. Use skin cleanser/Face wash twice a day according to your skin type. People with oily skin types can go with foam-based cleanser and those with dry skin types go for gel-based.

Treating: Everyone knows about cleansing but might be wondering about treating. As per dermatologist guidance for flawless skin, treating your skin is like doing good magic to the skin. In simple words treating is the treatment for your skin that contains applying toner, facial serum & facial oils. You have to treat your skin as per your skin concern and skin type.

Moisturizer: For flawless skin in summers moisturizing your skin is equally important. An extra layer of excess oil and sweat does not mean your skin is moisturized.  You should apply lightweight moisturizer to your skin. Choose a water-based moisturizer (for oily skin), or cream-based moisturizer (for dry skin). 

Sunscreen: As it is summer sun is going to be really harsh on your skin. To protect your skin from harmful UV rays you should have to wear sunscreen. A good layer of sunscreen on your skin prevents the skin from tanning and sun damage.

As per the dermatologists’ recommendation, Select sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that have active ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and avobenzone.

Nutrition: Depending only on skincare will not do all the wonders to your skin. Proper nutrition is also important. Talking about the link between nutrition and skin it’s like you looking yourself into the mirror. Our skin health is a reflection of our inner well-being.

Having a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water promotes youthful, healthy, and glowing skin. A balanced diet should consist of both healthy macros( protein, fat, carbs, and fibre) & micros(vitamins, minerals antioxidants &, etc).

Water intake: Do not forget to grab a water bottle at your workplace. Just like a balanced diet, proper hydration is the key to flawless skin. Try to consume at least 2.5 to 3 litres of water daily. A good amount of hydration will help you to get glowing and youthful skin.

Did you ever notice how flawless skin dermatologists have although they spend summers underneath the same sun as we do, somehow their skin is always glowing and clear in all the seasons. Below I’m mentioning the additional and important guidance that you shouldn’t miss if you want flawless skin just like dermatologists.

  • To maintain flawless skin in summer, you should not use the same products that you did in winter.
  • Never forget SPF
  • Use non-comedogenic products
  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week
  • Yes, you have to moisturize your skin also in the summers
  • Avoid heavy makeup
  • Workout regularly
  • Don’t forget about hydration.

Here in the blog, I have mentioned everything that one should take care of in order to get flawless skin in summer as per the dermatologists’ guidance.

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