Does a scar revision surgery remove the scar completely

No, Scar revision can’t completely erase the scars but it makes them less visible. Scar revision reduces the appearance of unpredictable scars caused by burns, surgery, injury, and poor healing. Scaring is depends on size, area of the wound, depth, age, thickness of skin, and pigment of the skin.
There are two processes to less notified scares:
 Non-surgical process: these include injection and applications, interregional medication, soft tissue augmentation, laser application, cry therapy, and make-up camouflage. In this, you have to take therapy until it can be repaired. Surgical process: these include, Z-plasty, skin grafting, and tissue expansion the appearance of scars bothers you, have a consult a surgeon a make a decision about the treatment you have to go with, the surgeon will suggest you the best option on the basis of scars condition. The Elegance Clinic gives you the best result.

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