Is liposuction surgery for weight loss?

No Liposuction surgery is not for weight loss, but it helps you to reshape Your certain area of the body. This surgery is suitable only for those who have normal weight. In the procedure, the excess fat is removed from the area such as arms, neck, hips, back, abdomen, or buttocks. The surgeon will choose specific liposuction techniques based on your goal and the area of your body. The surgical procedure starts by giving anesthesia so that you remain awake through the procedure thus eliminating the risk of general. But, there are certain risks involved in liposuction as mentioned below:
You might get a nerve-damage during the procedure there might be injuries to the organ there could be anesthesia complication In addition to the above, you might face some complications during recovery. So if you are looking for this surgery Consult a certified plastic surgeon. 
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