What is the difference between Chest fat and Gynecomastia?

You’ve noticed your chest swelling up and also, they’re starting to look like women. But how do identify that you have gynecomastia or just chest fat? Just follow these steps and identify:

1. Notice Hormonal Changes During puberty there is the build-up of tissue which may be seen as a swelling in the chest. It will be normal in one or two years. If it doesn’t, it may be a possible Gynecomastia.  

2. Do a Self-examination

Do a Self-test: If you have chest fat, they will look like breasts and feel soft when you touch them. Due to the excess skin formation, it has a saggy look.   Gynecomastia has a stronger resemblance to a woman’s breasts, and they are also firmer. It isn’t as saggy as pseudo gynecomastia.  

3) Search a lump:

If you have gynecomastia, you will feel a small lump below the nipple area.  

4. Examine Your Nipples

If you have Gynecomastia then your nipples are puffy and erect and also are swollen.  

 If you feel these all sign then contact the Elegance clinic of Dr.Ritesh Patel for the best treatment.  

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